10 Tips For chatting with the Wingman Chatbot

Get the most out of your Wingman chatbot experience with these key tips.

Wingman’s Chatbot Dating Coach is the most powerful AI dating assistant available. Here are 10 tips we’ve found that will improve your chat experience.

You can find Wingman's Chatbot Dating Coach here.

1. Be Specific In Your Prompts

Want the best advice from the chatbot? Be clear with your questions and avoid open-ended ones.

Color your questions and statements with details whenever possible. The more details you give the chatbot, the better it can personalize your advice.

Examples of Specific Questions

  • "How can I flirt with the girl at the coffee shop? I go there a few times a week so she knows me.
  • "I'm nervous about asking girls out on Tinder and end up chatting forever. How do I quickly get to a date?”

2. Be Authentic In Your Chats

Authenticity is just as important with Wingman as it is in dating itself. Don't be afraid to share the full truth with Wingman; this will allow the AI to offer the best advice that’s tailored for you. And don’t worry: we consider the privacy of your data to be of critical importance. All Wingman chat conversations are anonymized, so we can never know who sends what message.

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3. Provide Additional Details

To help Wingman better understand your situation to provide personalized advice, provide any additional details when asking questions or explaining your situation. The more information you give, the better the chatbot can help you help yourself. Wingman will remember your previous messages and recall any added details that are relevant.

4. Ask Wingman Follow-Up Questions

Remember: the chatbot can understand you just like a human can. Ask follow-up questions to get more insights into your particular situation. By giving Wingman a deeper understanding of your issues, you’ll get better, more personalized strategies to improve your dating life.

There's really no limit to what you can ask the Chatbot Dating Coach. We’ve trained Wingman on our own custom AI model just for the purpose of providing you with the best possible guidance.

Good Follow-Up Questions

  • "Will that advice work for me even if she and I have a huge age gap?
  • "What should I do if that approach doesn't work?"
  • "Are there any other techniques I can use in combination with that advice?"

5. Keep an Open Mind When Chatting

The chatbot will sometimes pitch ideas that are outside of your comfort zone. Dating is complex, and good dating advice is traditionally hard to come by. Be open-minded about whether Wingman might unlock a new perspective; you never know what will be your breakthrough in dating.

Talk to Me.

Wingman is the first uncensored AI dating coach.

6. Provide Feedback to the Chatbot

Tell the chatbot what works and what doesn’t. This way, it will know how to keep steering you in the right direction or figure out how to change course.

Examples of Feedback

  • "I tried the opening line you suggested, and it led to a great conversation!"
  • "I followed your advice on locking down a date and it went smoothly."
  • “I texted her to invite her on a date like I said, but she didn’t reply.”

7. Use Wingman Regularly

To get the most out of the Chatbot Dating Coach, make it a habit to use the chatbot regularly. The more you check in, the more the AI assistant will have a full picture of your dating journey. Learn how to ask the best questions, and get the best responses to help you improve your dating game whenever you have a question.

8. Combine Chatbot Advice with/ Other Wingman Features

Wingman's AI Dating Coach is just one part of the app's comprehensive suite of features. To maximize your online dating success, combine the chatbot's advice with insights from the Profile Roaster and suggestions from the Conversation Genius. Together, all three of these tools can cover your bases in your love life, getting you more matches and more dates.

9. Start a Fresh Thread

You can have as many chat threads as you please, and the AI treats them as completely separate conversations. If you have a fresh issue that you want hypodermically sealed from your other chats, fire a new chat up and start chatting about your latest trials in dating.

10. Have Fun With It

Dating is an adventure, and the adventure starts with you. As the Dating Coach Chatbot will attest, happy people who are having fun are some of the most attractive people in the world. When you’re having a good time you’re bringing abundance to others, and that’s magnetic. So never treat dating advice like homework; treat it like a new, exhilarating way to enjoy life. So, ready to give the Chatbot Dating Coach a try?

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