How to Get the Perfect Tinder Opener Based on Her Profile

Enter Wingman's Convo Genius

Step Up Your Chat Game Instantly

Do you struggle to find the right words to use in your Tinder convos? Wingman has you covered, Conversation Genius lets you upload up to 6 photos from a dating profile and/or conversation. Wingman works with Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, Instagram, text messages, and any other chat platform.

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Convo Genius Example

How It Works

Upload Her Profile, Get an Opener:

Simply screenshot pictures of her dating profile photos then upload them to Wingman for a personalized reply. Using the most powerful AI models, Wingman finds the smallest details to help you establish a rapport and get your conversations going.

Is she a car girl? Convo Genius will tell you its make and model. A fashionista? Convo Genius will identify those accessories. A traveler? Convo Genius will tell you where in the world her pics are taken. A nerdy girl? Convo Genius will identify video games, shows, fictional characters, cosplay, and more.

Reignite Tinder Convos

Use AI to revive ghosted convos and secure dates.

Upload Her Conversation, Lock Down a Date:

Puzzled about the next thing to say? Looking to revive a ghosted Tinder conversation? Convo Genius has your back here, too. You can get insights into how the conversation has gone so far, what the vibe is, and it will tell you the next steps to get the best possible chances with your love interest, complete with suggested replies. Turn those matches into dates.

The Most Powerful Convo Assistant:

Convo Genius is super flexible: you can mix and match screenshots of conversations with her as well as her profile. You can even add details about the conversation so that Wingman knows exactly that's going on in your exchanges.

Immediately get three crafted responses designed to match your style and the conversation's tone. Don’t like the replies? Generate as many as you like until you find the right words.

Get Started in Moments

Ready to get more dates on all the dating apps? Sign up for Wingman and gain instant access to Conversation Genius for free.

You'll also get access to our suite of other powerful AI features: workshop your problems with our Chatbot Dating Coach and rizz up your dating pics & get them rated with our Profile Roaster.

It's Time to Fill Your Schedule with Dates

More Matches, More Dates

10x your matches and 10x your dates with the first AI dating coach.

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