How to Get The Best Dating Advice from Wingman's Chatbot

Wingman, Your Personal Dating Coach Chatbot

Can’t get dates? Struggling to find a girlfriend? Want to improve your relationship?

Wingman has you covered, our Dating Coach Chatbot is trained on the best information possible when it comes to dating. Workshop your problems with a back-and-forth conversation or simply ask Wingman that one question that’s on your mind.

Check out Wingman for yourself by signing up here.

Wingman Chatbot Example

Why Use Wingman's Chatbot?

  • Personalized Advice: Wingman custom tailors its advice based on all the details you lay out. It remembers along the way, and even recalls previous details you mention. Wingman was purpose built to answer any question for dating.

  • Online 24/7: Wingman is always available to chat. At the bar and don’t know how to open? Getting ghosted or having trouble interpreting mixed signals? Send a message and Wingman’s chatbot will give you answers.

  • Judgment-Free Chat: Have a dating question you’re embarrassed to ask your friends? All of your Wingman chats are private and anonymized. There’s no judgement here, just sound advice.

  • Multiple Conversations: Spin up a new conversation with Wingman if you have another question or different dating interest. You can always go back to your old threads and Wingman’s chatbot will remember the past conversation.

  • No Censorship: Our chatbot uses our own custom-trained model that doesn't exist to censor anything or scold the user. You can talk about any details of your love-life without worrying that Wingman will refuse to reply.

Ready to Get Started?

Wingman is easy to use

  1. Sign Up Here: Create a Wingman account

  2. Start Chatting: Once signed up, start a new chat thread to get your questions answered now.

We think that Wingman and other AI chat tools will play a big role in providing dating advice in the future. Get started now to see for yourself how a 24/7 dating coach can help improve your dating game immediately.

Get Better Dating Advice

Use Wingman to get more matches and more dates.

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