How to Get Your Dating Profile Pics Rated and Roasted

Wingman Rates and Roasts Your Dating Profile

Trying to rizz up your online dating profile? Wingman is here to help.

Use Wingman’s Profile Roast feature to get a thorough review of your entire online dating profile. Get your pics rated and reviewed, rewrite your bio, and make sure your entire profile covers all the bases to get you the most matches.

Try it out for yourself by signing up here.

Profile Roaster Example

How Does It Work?:

  • Photo Analysis: Upload your profile pictures and get instant ratings from 0-10, along with a full, customized analysis to tell you what you did right, what you did wrong, and how to improve. Wingman analyzes how your images will fare on platforms like Tinder, Hinge, Bumble, Instagram, or anywhere else.

  • Bio Breakdown: Don't let your bio hold you back. Our Profile Roaster tool analyzes your bio's content and offers you a personalized analysis. Wingman knows what piques the interest of women and will suggests clever bios–personalized from your photos and interests–to draw inspiration from.

  • Comprehensive Critiques: Get a full summary critique of your profile with Wingman's Profile Roaster. From your photo choices to the tone of your bio, Wingman provides in-depth feedback to refine and improve every aspect of your dating profile. Too many selfies? Not enough professional pics? Too few candid pics? Too many pics drinking with friends? Too many serious pics? Same old background every time? Wingman knows exactly what to look for to cover your bases for a well-rounded profile that gets you the most matches possible.

How to Get Started

  • Sign Up Here: Create a Wingman account

  • Upload Your Profile: Upload your current profile pictures and bio directly through the app.

  • Receive Your Roast: In no time, you’ll receive your profile roasts—complete with ratings, suggestions, and critiques.

  • Revise: Use Wingman’s analysis to make your profile as good as possible. Learn how to take better photos, identify your best ones, tweak your bio, and get more matches.

No Matches?

Get your Tinder pics roasted by AI and go from chud to chad.

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