The Complete Rizz App Review

Everything you need to know about the popular AI conversation assistant app.

Rizz app is one of the most popular dating AI apps on the market. It lets you craft pickup lines or responses by uploading a screenshot.

What is Rizz App?

Rizz is a mobile app for android and IOS that lets you upload a screenshot to get a pickup line suggestion.

How Does Rizz Work?

Upload a screenshot of a chat or bio and Rizz will generated suggested lines using AI. If you aren't satisfied with the reply, Rizz let's you generate more.


Rizz has multiple options for the type of reply you want generated. You can get the normal Rizz reply, a NSFW reply, as well as other options.

Rizz also has an option to input your conversations manually, although the screen is cumbersome and confusing to operate.

In the free trial and paid versions, you can upload as many images as you like. The free version of the app is only usuable once you've signed up for the subscription so there is no free tier available. If you cancel your subscription, the app will still have some limited functionality with restrictive limits.


Rizz is available as a free trial when you signup for the subscription service. It is currently available at $6.99 per week.


  • Easy to use - Rizz's simplistic yet stylish design make its easy to use
  • Fast Uploads - Uploading to Rizz will get you a pickup line in seconds
  • Rizz is simple - Just need any old line? Rizz will generate you lines


  • No Free Tier - Rizz has a free trial, but you need to subscribe in order to try the app out
  • Limited Functionality - Only one screenshot is allowed and the user can't provide much input
  • Basic Pickup Lines - Sometimes the pickup lines can come off as canned or cheesy
  • Expensive - No discounts are offered and there's only one basic feature

Overall Impression

The design and simplicity definitely makes the app easy to use and intuitive. Rizz is absolutely an innovative app that's inspired a host of knockoffs. Unforunately, unless you have a very simple use case and just need something to say no matter what it is, Rizz might not be enough.

Best Alternatives

If you're looking for something a little more advanced than Rizz, while still being simple to use, checkout Wingman's Conversation Genius. Wingman is similar to Rizz but with multiple images allowed, a text field to add additional details, and has all-around better replies.

Final Thoughts

Rizz App is still the top dog the AI dating space with over a million downloads. It remains to be seen how they will innovate with new AI models, but for now they are still the most well-known tool for generating Tinder openers and replies.

No Matches?

Get your Tinder pics roasted by AI and go from chud to chad.

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