How to Ban Evade on Tinder in 2024

Ban evasion is a human right.

It is fully algorithmic, and one vindictive, erroneous, or mistaken report against you is usually accepted as a legitimate reason to close your account permanently. To add insult to injury, Tinder’s policy is to not even tell users the reason for their ban.

So, were you banned from Tinder? Was it for no good reason? Do you want to engage in civil disobedience? Ban evasion is a human right, but it’s also an art that requires discipline and finesse. This guide will arm you with such skills.

However, if you are an evildoer and received a ban for a legitimate offense, this guide isn’t for you! Close the browser tab now!

Alright. Now that only the good-hearted folks are left, let’s get down to it.

1. Delete Your Account & Uninstall

Start by deleting your Tinder account, if possible. This step is only available if you're shadow banned and not if you’ve been banned explicitly. Then, uninstall the app from your device to clear any residual data that might be linked to your banned account.

2. Create a New Gmail and Phone Number

Set up a new Gmail address to use with your new Tinder account. Additionally, you'll need a new phone number since Tinder uses phone verification. Services like Google Voice can provide alternative numbers, but there's a limit to how many you can create, so use this option judiciously. If you need a new phone number to register your new Gmail account or for your new Tinder account, you can use a service like to do this quite cheaply.

3. Use New Photos or Alter Old Ones

Using all brand new profile photos is the best way to evade detection and prevent your new Tinder profile from getting banned. However, there may be a few really good photos, such as professional ones, that you want to keep using.

Modify your profile photos before reusing them on your new account. Simple edits like adding a pixel, cropping differently, mirroring the image, or stripping EXIF data can keep your images from getting you caught.

Be aware that some apps use image hashing for comparison, or even more sophisticated tactics like facial recognition, so the best way to modify a photo is to use free image-cloaking software such as Fawkes.

If you do have new photos to use, make sure to preemptively cloak them with Fawkes – this will prevent them from being identified if you happen to get banned again, so you can reuse them later in such a case.

4. Get a new IP address

Use a different IP address when creating your new account to avoid linkage to your previous account. Switching from your home WiFi to mobile data or a public WiFi during the account creation process can be effective.

Note that using a VPN will probably not work – dating apps routinely ban such IP addresses. Using a VPN will likely result in the new account being shadowbanned.

5. Get a New Device (or Factory Reset the Old One)

Your old device could be linked to your banned Tinder account. This means you need to break this link with a new or refreshed device.

If you have an old phone laying around, factory reset it and use it. Otherwise, your options are:

  • Factory resetting your phone, losing all of your data. This is a huge inconvenience and could destroy important information, so it’s not recommended. Note that this method only works on Android, not iPhones.
  • Buy a new phone. You can get a refurbished Android phone on Amazon for around 80 dollars. Now it’s time to connect to your new WiFi or mobile data plan and use your new Gmail and phone number.

6. Get a New App Store Account

If you’re on an Android, get a new google play account. If you’re on an iPhone, get a new iCloud account. Use your new Gmail account for these.

Make sure you’re on a fresh IP address that Tinder has never seen, and then download the app. Create a new account with your new Gmail. You’ll be prompted for a phone number – use a new one.

Ensure this setup process is done under a new IP address and on a clean-slate device to negate the risk of association with your banned account.

Additional Precautions

Avoid Linking Old Social Accounts: Do not link any social media accounts (like Instagram or Spotify) previously associated with your banned account.

Payment Information: If you opt for premium services, use a different payment method to avoid detection.

Browser Usage: You can use Tinder on the browser, but avoid this. Tinder flags browser users (as opposed to app users) as suspicious.

Face Verification: Avoid any face-verification features. This will get you banned again.

No Waiting Period Required: Contrary to some advice, you don't need to wait a specific period (like 90 days) after a ban to create a new account. You can do it immediately.

Hinge and Tinder Share Bans: If you’re banned on one of these apps, you’re banned on the other. They share the same parent company and the same user information.

Device and Profile Information: Be cautious with the information you provide in your new profile. Some apps compare new accounts against banned ones based on details like names or device names. Although many users might share the same name or device model, it's better to alter any identifiable information when possible.

By following these steps, you can navigate around a ban and start afresh on Tinder and defy its absurd and automated moderation system. Remember: this guide is only for those who were unjustly banned and wish for a second chance.

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