Get Pickup Lines For Tinder With Wingman AI

Wingman AI's Conversation Genius can elevate your online dating game with clever pickup lines and responses.

Online dating is pretty terrible nowadays. Swipe left and right only to find yourself in that awkward situation where you don't know what to say or how to open.

This is where Wingman comes in, the dating AI app that analyzes your approach and generates openers or responses to use in your conversations. Wingman helps you correctly assess your current dating options and progress your dating by providing analysis and suggestions.

Why Your Pickup Line Matters

First impressions are critical, and your opener on Tinder will end up making or breaking your chances of success. Opening with "Hey" or "How's it going?" won't make you stand out. What you say can set the mood for the whole conversation, so you need to have the right words.

Wingman Is A Conversation Genius

With Wingman, simply upload a profile or text exchange to get creative and charming pickup lines. Wingman's Conversation Genius tool will consider and analyze every detail of the photos when crafting the perfect message choices.

wingman analyzing conversation

Want to craft the opener on your own? Consider Wingman's analysis first, as well as suggestions on what details to comment on.

Don't have any idea what to say at all? Copy Wingman's suggestions to get that conversation flowing so you can let your true rizz shine through. Dating is a numbers game, and simply trying new approaches is the best way to success.

Reignite Tinder Convos

Use AI to revive ghosted convos and secure dates.

You've Got a Match

She swiped right, now what? Screenshot her profile to get started. Many matching apps will split her bio up across multiple images, which is why Wingman allows you to upload multiple images for each of your convos. Simply upload her photos into the Convo Genius and let Wingman do the rest. Not happy with the first openers? With Wingman Premium you can keep generating lines until you find the exact one you want.

wingman analysis and openers

Added Details

You can also add in any additional details that aren't included in the screenshots. Wingman will use your directions when cooking up those Tinder openers, taking every detail into account.

wingman analysis and openers

Try the Wingman Chatbot

Still looking for suggestions but don't have a photo to upload? Wingman's chatbot can walk your through any complex dating scenarios and make suggestions at any step of the way. Let the chatbot be your own personal dating coach, available 24/7 so you can get the advice you need, when you need it.

More Matches, More Dates

10x your matches and 10x your dates with the first AI dating coach.

Building Confidence with Wingman AI

One of the most important challenges to overcome online dating is improving your confidence. Overcome the fear of rejection by leaning on Wingman's suggestions until you are craft enough to come up with your own lines. Wingman give you the lines and analysis you need when you need it, helping your approach those matches with confidence.

Turning Matches into Dates

The ultimate goal of online dating is to meet in person, and Wingman AI helps you do just that. This app provides the playbook on how to move from chatting online to meeting in person, preparing you for that all-important first date. With the help of the Conversation Genius and the Chatbot Dating Coach, you'll be ready to make a great impression when you finally meet your match in person.

Start Getting More Dates

Wingman AI accelerates your dating skills using AI. The app offers a ton of features that will help you improve your online dating experience. From crafting the perfect pickup line to navigating individual dating issues. Download Wingman AI today and let your love story unfold. Your perfect match could be simply waiting for you to get your act together and ask her out.

Get More Dates.

Analyze her Tinder profile with AI to craft the perfect opener.

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